Collective canopy I

The collective canopy is a temporary installation designed to transform outdoor spaces through collective action. The proposal seeks to reclaim a fragmented urban square in central Berlin by demarcating its original extent above using a canopy. The existing square has evolved to prioritise traffic and parking above the public good; confining the public area to a shaded and dark corner. By drawing attention to the full extent of the square, the ground space can be reimagined and reappropriated for events or as shared pedestrian surfaces, reducing vehicular use and creating dialogue within the community.

The canopy is comprised of a series of mirror foil flags that reflect colours from the surrounding context and the sky, while also bringing light and a play of shadows onto the square. The proposal was designed to make a defining visual impact without disrupting flows of everyday life. The canopy’s unifying communal quality is enhanced by the public engagement in making the structure. Consisting of more than 3000 flags and 4km of string, the repetative nature of the installation perfectly lends itself to a collective production process.