Freibad Tellingstedt

The proposal for a new public swimming pool and leisure centre in Tellingstedt is designed around two key site motives; to create a clear connection with the camping recreation area behind the site and to create a visual barrier to the service road that runs along the site. Keeping these motives in mind, the proposal is comprised of a long narrow building that serves as a backbone for hosting auxiliary and private program functions, for forming a wall or visual barrier between the service road and the pool area and for framing or staging the new open pool landscape area within. At the entrance of the site, the roof kinks to make a covered entrance area and new indoor event space. Within the site, a series of new pools, platforms, steps and pavilions appear to be held or anchored in place by the surrounding perimeter building. Beyond the legible form of the building, keeping all of the program on one level allows the building to better relate to the scale of surrounding houses and agricultural buildings.