Modular island house

The island house is an inhabitable shed that serves the agricultural use of the land surrounding it. It is remotely located on the mediterranean island of Elba and being situated on a steep hill, the site not only offers spectactular views across the entire island and sea, but more importantly its soil and weather provide perfect conditions to grow and harvest olive trees. As such, the project is an architectural intervention to enable the agricultural use of its land by providing the necessary infrastructure as well as being a calm natural retreat.

The building uses screw foundations and a light weight timber construction to minimize the impact on the land and is almost entirely made of pine timber. Its structure is made of prefabricated timber modules acting both as structural as well as inhabitable modules. Sitting around the perimeter of a 4x6.5m floor plan each module is a load bearing wall and by its three-dimensional configuration takes on various functions. Being made of 4x20cm timber sections and planked with 2cm plywood, each module is configured differently to function as a shelf, a kitchen, a WC or a wardrobe. Some of the modules have integrated steel-framed windows or doors.