The Informal Studio

The new build Study-Pavilion on the grounds of the Technical University Braunschweig is a open space concept designed to accommodate various student activities. The concept follows the principle of a super-structure which allows the user to change and re-configurate the layout of the building in order to meet the ever-changing requirements in a fast developing campus context. Through a high flexibly in layout, the Pavilion becomes ephemeral and thus responsive, ensuring a long lasting relevance as a new type of campus building.

The structure is designed like a construction kid of slender steal columns and beams. The structure is entirely demountable and challenges the conception of architecture as a static entity, attached to a fixed place. With the idea that a building can also be reconstructed in a different place, a new type of temporality emerges, something between a pavilion and a tent. The inner-logic of the pavilion with its platforms and stairs continues in the exterior, offering work areas in fresh air. The structure doesn‘t differentiate between interior and exterior, questioning the interior as a closed up environment, cutting off all connections to the environment that surrounds us.