Yellow horizon

YELLOW HORIZON is a proposal for a roof top festival in Heerlen that explores the dialogue between the city and the sky. The monochrome yellow band is used to create a strong contrast between the existing building fabric and sky to emphasise this divide. These new yellow bands continue the profiles of the existing buildings; extending them to form new enclosures at roof level for hosting festival events. Within these new enclosures visitors experience the yellow horizon and the framed sky above, devoid of the context below.

The project maps out a number of cultural uses and experiences and locates them on the seven rooftops where appropriate. Providing access through the existing cores, each rooftop enclosure is experienced independently. Together, the structures make up a set of recognisable pavilions, while their architectural forms respond to the condition of each roof. The proposed cultural uses include: a one room hotel, curve bar, sequence of leisure spaces, rooftop park, open air theatre, miniature chapel and periscope installation.